At HBLC we go beyond traditional consulting: we do Corporate Diplomacy. This means that we have a more holistic approach when taking into account how your organisation is perceived by the outside world. We concentrate on long-lasting relationships rather than one-time shortcuts. This will allow your organisation to go a longer way as a trusted partner that is responsible, hands-on and a leading force among equals.

This is how we facilitate your success:

Research and Information

•Corporate Briefings
•Sector Briefings
•Compliance Briefings
•Special Briefings

We keep you informed on current policymaking and anticipate possible changes to help you adapt as soon as possible. By delivering briefings of different depth and kind we make it easier for you to keep an overview of what is most important to upholding your influence as an organisation.

Institutional Relations

•Defining and prioritising objectives
• Identifying Stakeholder
•Analysing existing relations

•Support in institutional relations and reports for corporation’s management
•Definition of tasks and writing of communications and correspondence and preparation of meetings with institutions and stakeholders

At HBLC we focus on productive relationships with your stakeholders, matching your key performance indicators (KPIs) to long-lasting links with external stakeholders that can help you improve upon those existing KPIs. By focusing on productive relations – relations in which by helping your stakeholders obtain their objectives – you are investing into your own success.

Regulatory Affairs

•Working towards a win-win situation
•Identification and definition of goals
•Identification and evaluation of interest groups that follow the same / similar objectives
•Analysis of involved stakeholders
• Evaluation of information and creation of strategies
•Implementation of strategies

We want to make your ideas get as far as possible. By shaping your organisation as a leading force in your sector, we will create the perfect environment for a win-win situation in any negotiation that will bring your vision further.