HBLC is specialized in Corporate Diplomacy: We go beyond helping you reach better policy outcomes. HBLC wants to guide your way to position yourself as a trusted partner in a long-lasting partnership with your stakeholder.


We provide you with briefings to keep you updated on what is most important for your success.

Institutional Relations

We identify existing and potential stakeholders for you, help you define common goals and execute strategic plans towards their achievement.

Regulatory Affairs

We create strategies that work towards your goal, helping to create a win-win situation, making sure you are heard.

Our view

In a world of constant change, the ability of your organisation to deliver on growth opportunities depends on successful interactions with more and more diverse stakeholders.

Your organisation needs to adapt to ever changing politics and policymaking, avoiding constant shortcuts and focusing, instead, on long-lasting relationships with your stakeholders that leverage your social license.

HBLC is here to help you strategically develop your most important relationships. We will keep you informed on policy developments and opportunities. But we want to do more than that. Our goal is to make sure your ideas are taken further as part of your larger vision.

Getting your voice heard means staying informed, leading the conversation and always finding win-win situations with your stakeholders.

Law Firms
Associations and Interest Groups
Our clients

HBLC serves to all organizations both large and small; commercial and non for profit.